At La Côte d'Or Boutique, we strive to bridge the gap between object enthusiasm and the pursuit of an intentional lifestyle.

We carefully curate, create, and customize simple and elegant items intended to become thoughtful additions to your environment.

We hope our products will enhance your home decor, brighten up your life events, and anchor important milestones while bringing joy into your life and the lives of those you love.


We operate out of a small studio in Lexington, KY, where each piece is handmade to order with the utmost attention to detail and quality. Because they are handmade, our pieces may sometimes feature some slight irregularities, making them true one-of-a-kind objects that will be uniquely yours. 

Environment & Safety

For your safety and ours, we only use low VOC paint and sealers.

We try to recycle packing material as much as we can. This means your order may arrive snuggled between layers of newspaper, magazine pages, or torn tissue paper from the last presents we received. 

Our products are not food-safe. They should not be used to hold or display foods (with the exception of wrapped candy). 

Cleaning & Handling

All of our pieces are water-resistant but not dishwasher-safe. We recommend wiping them clean with a damp cloth as needed. 


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